American Made: Pursuit of a Lifestyle

I have been on a personal mission to buy exclusively American-made furniture, clothing and accessories over the past several years. It’s not easy.  Last December, upon moving into my condo, I was committed to furnishing my new home with as much decor and furniture as I could that was American-made; I researched for months to find a sofa made in the USA, that also jived with my style and my budget. Aware that I would find myself having to pay a slight premium for an artfully crafted sofa made in the USA, I was stunned to find how elusive such an item could be. I finally a beautiful linen sofa on One Kings Lane, but it was an endeavor.

Despite the fact that I have made a career in digital marketing at Google and Facebook, and working in the eCommerce space for nearly ten years, I come from a humble background. A background for which I have great pride. I am the daughter of a carpenter and a shopkeeper, and I care deeply for supporting U.S. jobs for craftsman, for people who work with their hands.

For these reasons, I have founded featuring a curated collection of an women’s apparel and accessories within am urban aesthetic, with a nod to rocker-chic, exclusively made in the USA. I am already obsessed with graphic tees from Chaser Brand, bringing me back to my Virginia roots with the My Deer fleece tee:


Get excited for the Spring 2016 launch of Cheers to the pursuit of living the American-made lifestyle, in all of its fabulous glamour and grit.

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