THRONE Watches: a dream grows in Brooklyn

Like all things from Brooklyn, Throne watches are nothing short of original and unique. The Throne guys, a team of 4, consists of: Greg Mills – Director of Operations; Zack Sears – Creative Director; Travis Alexander – Director of Marketing; and Joe Casale – Director of Sales. We stumbled across the Throne in our endeavor to discover and bring new brands to SEWN that share our passion for sourcing materials and producing in the USA, and are just plain rad.

Throne Workshop – the guys hard at work

Throne was born out of the creative handiwork of Greg Mills, who fashioned the “prototype” out of some leather laying around pal, and co-founder, Zack Sears’s pad. They decided to go forth and design and make their own watches, watch faces and all. The faces are made from the highest quality Swiss quartz movements – leather bands made in Florida, and the watches assembled in Sidney, Illinois.

What’s amazing about Throne is the impeccable quality, care, and purist beauty of the line they have created. The Throne pieces that we have hand selected: Throne 1.0  watch, Huntington bi-fold, and the Hartsville Keychain are the minimalists dream come true – a dream grown in Brooklyn.

The guys are so committed to the business, in just the few short weeks we have been working with them, Greg, Zack, and Joe have all personally emailed us (weekends including). The commitment that the guys have to the Throne mission is admirable and inspiring. We are totally stoked to be carrying these men’s accessories (that the women at SEWN are totally coveting for ourselves too).


Borrowed from the boys: Throne 1.o in Blue

Hitting the scene in October of 2014, Throne just rounded out its inaugural year, and we are beyond excited to be working with a great group of guys, and representing a brand that we are proud to represent firsthand.



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