Farm to Table in Chicago: Homestead on the Roof

A country girl by birth, city girl by choice. Though I did not grow up on a farm, we had a garden from the time I can remember. I helped weed the garden (sometimes mistakenly pulling the green onions instead of actual weeds…sorry Dad), it was a mainstay in our Virginia summers. Living in a very urban Chicago, it’s beyond refreshing to stumble across Homestead on the Roof.


My boyfriend surprised me with reservations at Homestead this past Saturday for an earlier 6PM dinner. It was before the dinner rush, and we were seated at an amazing window seat illuminated by the ambiance of the outside lamps. The decor is rustic with reclaimed windows hanging from the ceiling, recessed lighting, and ceiling fans that nod to a carefree Key West lifestyle.


It was restaurant week, and we opted for the 4-course tasting menu, so between the two of us, we sampled the entire offering. Homestead chef Chris Davies and pastry chef Chris Teixeira previewed the new menu for Steadfast, opening in the Loop district of Chicago in spring 2016.

My favorites of the dinner included the 1st course: Carrot Pave, featuring a smoked carrot paste paired with delicately shaved carrots, radishes, cucumbers and garnished with baby spinach and spicy red peppers:


The main course shined: Lobster tail in and uni lobster broth, served with coffee roasted heirloom fingerling potatoes and sturgeon caviar. This dish was decadent, and the buttery rich lobster was nicely juxtaposed by the rich chocolatey coffee roasted potatoes.


We are in love with the farm to table model, the Homestead on the Roof grows their own veggies on the rooftop terrace in the summer, and grows some microgreens indoors in the winter months. We look forward to enjoying the rooftop patio during the warmer months this year.

Candice Stewart, Founder SEWN in the USA

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