Flower Crowns – Step-by-Step Guide to The Perfect Summer Festival Accessory

Contributor: Amanda Hoffman

Instagram: @amandahoffman2

I am still loving this summer trend and even more so after I attended a Flower Crown making class at The Soho House, sponsored by Flowers for Dreams.  Flower Crowns can seem intimidating to make but I was surprisingly proved wrong after this class!  It took me about 45 minutes to make my entire flower crown, below outlines what you’ll need to create one.  Keep in mind, flower crowns only last about 24-48 hours so if you’re thinking about rocking one for a weekend festival (Pitchfork, anyone?) then make sure you make it the day of or coordinate it with your festival outfits like Vintage Havana’s Blush and Navy Ruffle Romper or Splendid Beachcomber Layered Dress from SEWN:

Vintage Havana Ruffle Romper
Splendid Beachcomber Dress











Be sure to wear vos fleurs on first day because it won’t last all weekend. The great thing about Flower Crowns is that there is no right way to make them so get creative and have fun!

What you’ll need:

  1. Bind Wire (try and get a color that matches your hair) – this is what makes and binds the flowers to the actual crown:

    Wire, sheers, flowers. Ready to get to work.
  2. Garden Shears or Sharp Scissors
  3. Two or three types of flowers, trimmed into 3-inch pieces (see pictures of the flowers I used, I recommend a nice mix of greenery and actual flowers):
Flower selection complete, now for snipping.



  1. Take the Bind Wire and measure it around your head. Use your fingers to mark it on the wire and then give yourself another inch for extra slack and cut that piece.  
  2. Take the Bind Wire again and triple the length of your head piece (one long bind wire piece) and cut it.  
  3. Wrap the two pieces together (the long and short wire) and make sure they are pretty secure.  
  4. Starting at the end of the short piece (your headband) take your first flower or green and then take the longer wire and wrap the flower to the short headband wire. Do this for each new flower you add.  

    Snipping & arranging flowers.
  5. Once you do for the entire length of your short headband, cut off any extra wire (from the longer wire) you didn’t use.

    Fastening flowers together.
  6. Fill in any gaps as desired.
  7. Voilà!

    Finishing touches in the works.
Me and my finished product!

Flower Crown Inspiration on Instagram

  1. @cultgaia
  2. @flowercrownsociety

Great Flower Shops in Chicago:

  1. Sprout Home
  2. Fleur
  3. Morgans in Bloom
  4. Flowers for Dreams


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