Argaman & Defiance: When Nature Inspires Your Favorite New Silk Accessory

Our founder Candice Stewart was introduced to Lydia Crespo, founder of silk accessory and clothing company, Argaman & Defiance, just a few months ago and knew instantly upon their first meeting that she had to stock Crespo’s products.

Outside of absolutely loving all of Crespo’s designs, the Argaman & Defiance mission fits perfectly with the sustainable fashion manufacturing practices that SEWN so passionately promotes while also tying nature into every silk piece they create.

The Argaman & Defiance brand was founded in 2009 and all items are made of 100% silk. Argaman & Defiance items use both raw silk and fine silk. The items are all individually hand-dyed in the Argaman & Defiance studio located in Chicago, Illinois.

Crespo’s grandparents lived in Defiance, Missouri where she has fond memories of visiting their home that was located near the Busch Wild Life Sanctuary, a well known forest preserve. She attributes her love for nature to her grandparents as it was at their home where she built her deep appreciation. Crespo takes uses her passion for nature to inform her designs of the Argaman & Defiance products. Argaman & Defiance only uses natural dye extracts that are safely collected from tree bark, roots, and leaves.  The hand dyed process is an artfully crafted skill, making each Argaman & Defiance piece uniquely beautiful.


Argaman & Defiance Grey Marbre Long Silk Scarf


All of the Argaman & Defiance scarves are so versatile and fun and truly can dress up any casual outfit or can also be worn with something dressier to add just that extra edge to your girls’-night-out look. Shop Argaman & Defiance on to add that pop of color and style to every ensemble.

– The SEWN Co. Contributor, Alexandra Hart

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