Behind the Brand: Meet VARYFORM designer and owner Masha Titievsky


Behind the brand: VARYFORM

Meet Masha Titievsky

Age: 25

Born: Kiev, Ukraine

Grew up in: Louisville, KY

I met Masha Titievsky this past summer, and was immediately impressed by this young, motivated woman and her easy going style, poise, and wealth of knowledge in the domains of fashion and retail.

Masha and I spent about an hour together in our first meeting, never having met before except for email exchanges, brainstorming and bouncing around ideas for retail experience and collaborative opportunities between VARYFORM and Mod + Ethico (M+E). Not only is Masha the lovely creative talent behind VARYFORM (designing, and often sewing her designs), but she is so incredibly collaborative and giving of her time, expertise and has a warm and calm disposition. Since that summer day, Masha and I have become wonderful collaborators: Masha regularly consults me from a visual strategy and styling perspective, and this weekend, 11/26 during small business Saturday M+E will host a sample sale for VARYFORM – celebrating the accomplishments of female entrepreneurship in Chicago.

Event details:

VARYFORM Sample Sale at Mod + Ethico

When: November 26th 11AM-6PM

Where: Mod + Ethico

27 N. Morgan St.

Chicago, IL 60607

What: Small business Saturday is a gift-shopping event specifically celebrating small businesses. We will feature samples from Masha’s elegant line VARYFORM, and will also offer 30% off the entire store, and will be featuring a mimosa bar throughout the day.

More info on VARYFORM:

VARYFORM is a ready to wear womenswear line designed by Masha Titievsky in Chicago. VARYFORM expresses change over time and the transformative nature of clothing.

Aesthetically, Masha is strongly influenced by natural phenomena such as plant growth patterns, wave movement, the structure of crystals, and the reflective surfaces of water and glass. Her designs transform these natural elements into special staple pieces with a sense of glamour and sophistication.

Masha Titievsky is a current Designer-In-Residence at the Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy’s on State Street. Her collection may be viewed in full on

Contibutor: Candice Stewart, Founder & CEO of Mod + Ethico

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